3 Different Incidents

22:11 Dec 4 2014 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

I have experienced three instances of online harassment and abuse.

The background story is that my ex had some photos of me and him of a private nature however even before we broke up, they were already deleted and also my ex's phone got stolen March 2014.

The first incident happened sometime in May this year when I received an update through my email that I tweeted which was unlikely because I do not tweet often and I use Twitter only as a source of information like MMDA profile,etc. So then, I signed in to my twitter account and found that someone had hacked into my account and changed the background picture into pictures of p**** with my profile picture in the center. After that, the person also tweeted and retweeted content harming my reputation such as "#sluttygirlproblems" and also direct messaged some people in my contacts. Thankfully I was able to sign back into my twitter account (which I still don't know how) and managed to delete the pictures and also to inform those people that I was hacked and to disregard my tweets.

The second time was when my sibling told me that someone told her that there was a photo of me in a bikini on the net in a site called Reddit. At this time, I was frantic and contacted my ex. My reputation was slightly destroyed seeing as how pictures of me were published without my consent nor my approval. I emailed and reported to the website administrator the person responsible for uploading the link, and within a few days, it was taken down. However, after that I also got a message from a friend saying that someone had told her that I had a picture of me in Reddit (again harm to reputation)and was even able to send the link to me so I decided to just say that that was photoshopped and not me.

The third instance happened just a week ago. I received an email with the sender as ( with abusive comments saying that "I know what you want you slut" and also two photos of p****, when I asked "Who are you?" the reply was "Someone who would give you what you deserve" and then also sent one photo of me in a private nature and threatened that if I didn't reply, he would spread it in the internet. I did not reply after that.

Because I was paranoid that these photos would surface in the internet, I decided to look for the source of these emails. I made use of the available email trace headers and found the IP address [] and reported it. However this IP address came from California, US so I'm not sure if the email really came from there or if the hacker made it so. After that I found a site where if you type a name,email address,results would show a list of people. I then used this site called Pipl to search for ( and was linked to a site where apparently I made a Google+ account with the picture of me in a bikini as my profile pic. I was added to a person's circle and that person named "Rey Pinyoko" (which I definitely think is not a funny joke) then proceeded to post more private photos of me saying that I'm his gf and saying "Sarap ng gf ko" etc. and then the person who made my account replied,"Thank you for f***ing me"

I have been very emotionally disturbed by these incidents and I don't know who is or who are responsible for these. I really want my photos to be removed but I think Google+ is useless in terms of acting against online abuse. I do not know what to do since my photos are already in the internet but I'm just hoping that no one would be able to see them. I actually just visited the church to pray that hopefully something will happen.

Please I really need your help and advice. I don't want others to know especially my family and friends. My reputation will be ruined.
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