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13:30 Jul 10 2015 Quezon City

June 10, 2015, past 1 o’clock in the morning, alleged sensitive videos of a 12-year old female young actress posted and went viral online. According to the report, it was first uploaded in a Facebook fan page until it spread and went viral. Other sources said that the video of young actress was taken in different areas of their house. One was taken in the bedroom while the second video was taken inside the bathroom. Apparently, many netizens said both videos of a young girl that appears look exactly like her.

There were photos allegedly proving that the bedroom on the video is the same bedroom shown in the photos of young actress’ Instagram account. Netizens reacted and believed that it was not the young actress, but her older sister. Photos circulated other social media accounts show that the two sisters are really look-alike.

Majority of the netizens are still puzzled whether the alleged scandal is true or just made up by someone to destroy her reputation as a good young actress. It is not known yet who uploaded the alleged videos. There was also a report that the young actress’ mobile was stolen which is not yet proven.

Meanwhile , there is still no statement from the young actress’ side but her fans are continually giving their support to stop sharing and spreading the alleged sensitive video
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