Dummy user inquires about artist's work, harasses her with dick pic and sexual messages

10:39 Aug 9 2020 Metro Manila

Yen (not real name) reached out to an online group in request to mass report a dummy account on Instagram. The IG user sent her DMs to inquire about her art but the communication escalated when the user started sending Yen her own photos from Facebook and started commenting that they were fantasizing about her. He sent her dick pics and more sexual comments.

Her story was able to reach friends and acquaintances who said they can no longer block or report the account because, apparently, they have already did so before and it turns out this has not been the first time the perpetrator has been actively involved in harassment.

"I have spent a significant amount of time today crying and breaking down, feeling disgusted and violated. [...] I want to build a case against him, but I need all the help and resources I can get," Yen said.
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