Poser blackmails woman

09:45 Nov 6 2020 Alaminos, Laguna

The woman has claimed that she does not know who this 'Gabriel Cortez' (perpetrator) is. He messaged the woman's boyfriend saying that he and friends had sex with her and has her nude photos. However, the photos were unidentifiable and the young girl disproved their meeting and any relations with the poser.

He threatened to spread her nudes to her circles unless she sends him a photo of her wearing only panty.

Gabriel has also showed his genital through a video call when they contacted each other for a confrontation.

As of this writing, his account is no longer available and the survivor has not expressed intention to take legal action but has publicly denounced and pooled the support of her circles to call out the abuser.

Some commenters have claimed that it would be difficult to go after this since he is not using his real identity online.
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