High school senior being stalked by an unknown person

01:16 Dec 29 2011 Malanday, Marikina City, Philippines

A senior high school student has been receiving text messages from someone who seemed to know many things about her. He would text and tell her what she is doing and wearing precisely at that moment. When she won in a student council election, she received a text message congratulating her and showering her praises. She asked again who the sender was but he did not introduce himself. There were times where her stalker would call, would just listen to her voice but would not say a word. One day as she passed by her classmate street, she received a text saying she looks cute up close. She got scared and changed her route to school. She did not know how to make the sender stop. She feared if she would offend the sender he might do something bad to her.To avoid the stalker she would pass at the back of her school instead of coming through the main gate. The sender eventually stopped sending her messages.
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