Obscene calls and text messages frightened girl

01:02 Dec 29 2011 Malanday, Marikina City, Philippines

A high school girl received an anonymous text message from someone calling her with a different name. The sender would not identify himself. She continued receiving bothersome and obscene messages saying he misses her, and sometimes he would curse her, demanding that she responds. Sometimes the sender would ask for a "sexmate" telling her to go to his place in a different town in Manila. He kept telling her that he wants her badly. She would also receive a call, when she answered she would hear a panting sound on the other line as if the person is having sex. She felt frightened and all she could do is cry. She kept it to herself because she felt embarrassed and scared. She thought the person is just around and would suddenly grab and rape her. She was thinking of a lot of bad things that could happen to her. She also did not want to go out and disliked group homework that would make her stay late in school. She thought any guy could be the person texting her. As the sender has been so incorrigible, she changed her number.
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