01:17 Dec 29 2011 Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

A young woman was engaged in a group texting activity or forum called, "Clan" which has been made popular through the cellphone carriers' promotions of unlimited texting. Clan is a network activity where different people who do not know each other creates a "clan" and exchange text messages with the different members in their clan and also in other clans. The young woman started to have a relationship with a male member of her clan, even without seeing him in person. When they finally met through a group date with other members of their clan, she was made to drink. She got drunk and the man took her to a motel and raped her. Thinking that he was her boyfriend she met again with the man. After the incident, she still met with the man twice. She then got pregnant. The man can no longer be found. He must have changed his number, the clan members said they don't know about his whereabouts.

The sex video of her and the man was uploaded in facebook. In a highschool reunion, she was taunted by her former classmates who told her they saw her video. They called her names. The young woman almost don't go out of her house for fear of being tormented by those who saw her video.
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