Receiving nasty mean text messages, death threats and rape threats

05:46 Aug 14 2012 NOT AVAILABLE

Its been a month since I have been receiving nasty mean text messages, death threats and rape threats. I was also being watched. Whenever I receive a text its either they say that they are watching me or following me.
Its becoming more scary everyday.

The problem is I dont know who is those people who send those text messages.
It started when my fiance was supposed to be promoted but he decided to un renew his contract. Then lost of things popped out. Some people harassing me on facebook then now on text messages.

We really have no idea who is the one behind it. But my fiance have a list who could probably do it.

As much as I want to file a case I cant do anything because I have no proof on such person.

I tried to contact the network company if they can help me regarding my case. But they just said the person who sends me those text is using a prepaid and they cannot do anything about it.
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